3 Non-Clinical Paths In Psychology

Psychology can seem like an interesting field, especially as you learn more about complex human behavior. Unfortunately, the field can seem limited, especially since most people only think about clinical psychology. You may be surprised that psychology is a diverse field with plenty of non-clinical career options. Psychometrics Psychometrics involves the development of psychological tests and measures that may be used in the clinical setting. Since many different measures of traits exist and are in development, psychometrics is related to other aspects of psychology like cognitive, education, and personality psychology. [Read More]

Postgrad Psyched: PPT Vs. Psat

The demand for highly-trained, licensed, mental health professionals has never been higher. If you're a psych postgrad, you can boost your earning potential and improve your hireability by choosing a postgraduate psychoanalytic training program that helps your gain additional certifications. Here's how a postgraduate psychoanalytic training program can help you secure a Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training (PPT) or Psychoanalysis Training (PsaT) certificate. PPT PPT certifications offer postgraduate psychoanalytic professionals the chance to hone psychoanalysis skills for private practices and other clinical situations. [Read More]

3 Benefits of a Career in Car Sales

Is your current job or career going nowhere? Are you feeling unfulfilled and looking for a change of pace? If you've always enjoyed interacting with people, one possible career change you might want to consider would be a move to car sales. Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to enroll in an automotive sales training program today. 1. You Get What You Put Into It [Read More]

Build A Career In The Medical Field By Attending Medical Billing School

If you are interested in working in the medical field, you can work on the administrative side of things as a medical billing specialist or medical records clerk. When you like solving problems and pay close attention to details, a career in medical office support and administration can be rewarding. Whether you decide to work as an intake coordinator in a hospital or choose to work in medical billing for a large agency, your education can take you to a range of job opportunities. [Read More]